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It’s true what they say – that having the right support around you will take you further than you can go on your own. Whether being around people with the right positive mental attitude, people who back you and don’t doubt you, and having strong support networks which help you to achieve your dreams – it’s all invaluable stuff.

I’ve been very lucky to be supported by some incredible sponsors this year – something I never believed would happen in a million years. It’s not about winning races though – it’s about providing value for money for a company by promoting their brand to the right people. And as a professional marketer, I will not-so-humbly say that this is something I do know a lot about.

The people I have worked with over the past year have been instrumental to my results and how far I have come. As we all know, triathlon is a pricey little endeavour, and racing on the European circuit certainly isn’t cheap! But having kit and services to support me means I can race in some incredible places, and if I can get to see cool parts of the world in the process then that is a win-win! (Usually without a win, FYI.)

It’s testament to my relationships with my sponsors that virtually all of them will be continuing to support me throughout the 2015 season – I must be doing something right! I am also very excited to be working with a couple of brand new sponsors, a couple I changed due to different opportunities. There will be no excuses not to be smashing my season up next year now!

Ceepo bikes and Rotor Power UK (Velotech Services)

This one happened a bit by accident, as I met these guys at the Birmingham Bike Show and stopped on their stand to admire their Ceepo bike, knowing I hadn’t seen many in the UK. Conversations then developed and a few months later, I was at their office in Stratford-upon-Avon getting fitted up before I drove away with an absolutely stunning Ceepo Venom in the back of my car, fully equipped with Rotor power cranks and QRINGS! I’m extremely chuffed to be supported by Velotech and cannot wait to train and race on this bike, with the new addition of power to measure and attain improvements on the bike.

The Road Room

This is a local bike shop which is conveniently located a few hundred yards (old school!?) from my house! They specialise in road bikes and will be supporting me with regular services of the Ceepo, advising me of bike stuff (I AM ignorant) and giving me lots of opportunity to buy more kit! They also stock Rotor components so I am sorted for the rest of the year!

Keith Tucker Personal Training

I knew Keith through previous connections, and coming from an elite kickboxing background, he knows some serious stuff about strength and conditioning. What’s more, he practices genetic metabolic typing nutrition, which basically provides the right type of nutrition for your genetic metabolism, which means a complete shift in the food I use to fuel, sustain and refuel me during training. Keith is SO fun to work with as he has a permanent sparkly attitude, it’s infectious (although difficult to complete matrix lunges and squat presses when he’s making me laugh). One to one sessions make so much of a difference and I can’t wait for Keith to get me strong and lean!

I feel so lucky to be working with these people and maintaining great relationships with my 2014 sponsors – I can’t do this without being cheesy and annoying but THANK YOU SO MUCH to all my wonderful sponsors. To have these people believe in me makes me remember why I am doing this on the days where I don’t have the best training sessions!

As for 2015, I’m coming to get you…